Every Place Has a Story by Jhoey Naddeo is a personal page of her travel adventures featuring her love for history, heritage and interesting discoveries in between.

She loves to travel and discovering the story (history, heritage, landmarks, among others) of a place excites her.

Since she was a student, she enjoyed a subject that has a touch on history, geography, and culture. She doesn’t claim to be an expert or a historian. She’s just a curious kid who loves history.

Her love affair with history started when she learned about 19th century Philippine history, Dr. Jose Rizal and World War II.

She decided to write about her travels to remind everyone and herself that 1) history is not boring, 2) every thing has a story – a history and it is always connected to our present and future lives, 3) every place has a history and its story should be remembered and shared.

She lives in Manila, Philippines, and considers traveling as one of her guilty pleasures.